Documents and photos from the Plenert Reunion, September 2, 2006, in Buhler, Kansas

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Plenert/Ratzlaff History presentation

Additional Heinrich W. Ratzlaff family photos

Cornelius J. and Bena Ratzlaff Plenert

Cornelius J. Plenert and Bena on the farm of Cornelius' father. At the right is Anna Bartel Plenert. The children are probably Arnold (with the dog), William, and Bena in her mother's arms.

Family photo at the funeral of Cornelius J. Plenert in 1913.  Cause of death -- apparently a respiratory illness.

The marker for Cornelius J. and Bena Ratzlaff Plenert in the Johannestal Cemetery. C.J. was first buried in the French Creek Cemetery, but Bena asked that he be moved. However, in exhuming the remains it has been said that they only found one bone and a belt buckle.

A shipping chest used by Kornelius Plenert in moving from Russian Poland. Unfortunately, it was refinished recently, but the remains of a Red Star shipping label are visible on the far end (but not visible in the photo). The chest is in the museum in Hillsboro.

Family of Kornelius K. and Anna Bartel Plenert, probably taken shortly before 1900.

Grave markers for Kornelius and Anna Bartel Plenert in French Creek Cemetery.

Marie Plenert

Wedding photo -- Bena Ratzlaff Plenert

Wedding photo -- Cornelius J. Plenert

Wedding photo, Cornelius J. and Bena Ratzlaff Plenert. (Wedding date: November 10, 1892.)

William (Bill), Marie and Arnold Plenert

Drawing of Bena Ratzlaff Plenert, apparently drawn from wedding photo. (No scratches removed.)

Same drawing with some scratches suppressed.

Drawing of Cornelius J. apparently drawn from wedding photo. (No scratches removed.)

Same drawing with some scratches suppressed.

Threshing photo. Faces cannot be identified, but the photo was among Plenert family photos.

Peter Plenert, older half-brother of Cornelus J. who settled in upstate New York and never came to Kansas.

Anna Bartel Plenert, mother of Cornelius J.

Marie, Bill and Arnold.

Kornelius Plenert (1815-1900)

Drawing of Kornelius and Anna Bartel Plenert

Location of the C.J. and Bena Plenert farm and those of their parents, Kornelius and Anna Plenert and Heinrich and Anna Ratzlaff

The major locations in the history of Prussian/Russian Mennonites. The Plenerts and Ratzlaffs came from the region between Warsaw and Danzig.

Cornelius J. Plenert was born in Deutsch Kazun and Bena Ratzlaff Plenert was born in Wola Wodzynska. Cornelius' mother, Anna Bartel Plenert, was also born in Deutsch Kazun.

The senior Kornelius Plenert was born in Niederausmass in the Kulm region. Heinrich Ratzlaff was born on the island in the Vistula River near Schoenich. Anna Wilms Ratzlaff was born in Sanskau, north down the river from Schwetz.