Southern Botswana
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We reached the Botswana border on Friday, shortly after noon, at Pioneer Gate by Lobatse, about 70 or so km south of the capital, Gaborone.

From August, 1969 to December, 1973, Ginger and I taught at Moeding College, located about a third of the way from Lobatse to Gaborone, so I was eager to stop.

We got to Moeding in the early afternoon, while the students were still on lunch break.  After talking with the principal, Mr. Ntsiane (below), I went to the classroom area and had some rousing interchanges with students.

They were pretty amazed that I had been around so very long ago.  They told me of what they wanted to study, how much Moeding had grown, and the good things about Moeding.

That was fun.

Mr. Ntsiane, the principal of Moeding College.

Moeding is now 4-times larger than in the early 70s.  It is still, however, a quality institution with strong sports teams.  (Although softball, which we introduced, has weakened.)

The country is prosperous, giving students great opportunities.

Would you believe that I planted the trees in the background?  Every one of these and over a hundred more around the campus, planted from seed.

The tall trees in the photo are Eucalypts; you can make out a couple of tree aloes as well which I wrestled in there (my brother Ron helped with one), and they took.

The green house barely visible on the left was our home for 3-1/2 years.  The bougainvillea that I put in front of the house was still going strong.

I also planted trees around the softball field and they lined the road into the school.  They form a closed canopy over the road now.

We reached Gaborone on Friday evening and were warmly welcomed by Art and Ruth Thiessen, Mennonite Central Committee workers who work with BOCAIP -- Botswana Christian AIDS Intervention Project.  The work very hard, under a lot of stress, but were wonderful hosts.

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the Mokoledi Game Reserve, south of Gaborone.  There we enjoyed kudu, hippo, ostrich, fish eagle, warthog, kingfisher and more.

In the photo, Art thinks he just saw a rhino way in the distance.  We finally determined it was a big rock.

Red Hartebeest in Mokolodi.  We also saw hippo, fish eagles, kudu, impala, ostrich.

There has been a resurgence in traditional dancers. I understand that there are troupes all over the country.  (When we lived there, young people were hesitant to show us what we might consider primitive.)

This group is from Naledi township in Gaborone.  Naledi was once a shantytown but is a prosperous community now.

David Livingstone's only permanent home in Africa was west of today's city of Gaborone by the Kolobeng River.

We stopped at the site to view the grave of his baby daughter, Elizabeth, (shown at left) and the foundations of his house and church.

Jerry plays the part of David Livingstone, the dentist for the baKwena people.  Tradition has it that his dental patients sat on this large stone outside his house, the foundations of which are visible in the background.