Mennonite Crimea
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A Day in Mennonite Crimea

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annenfeld-door-S.jpg (2314 bytes) A house in Annenfeld, built by Mennonites, had an example of a stove built into the walls often used in South Russia.
DelbertsBread-S.jpg (2937 bytes) Delbert Wiens informed the babushkas of the house that we were visiting that their stovetop bread was burning.  They shared it with us.
AnnenfeldStreet-S.jpg (2212 bytes) Annenfeld was the home at one time of 3-G-grandparents Wiens.  We also think that we determined where 2-G-grandparents Warkentin once lived, a few miles to the north.
Still Life Garden yield and Mennonite door in Spat.  The homeowner was gracious, and the children were curious.
Tchongrow-UnruhWindow-S.jpg (2452 bytes) In Tchongraw, the buildings of a Bible School stood up the street from the former home of A.H. Unruh.